About me

A former medical doctor aspirant in high school but with life’s beautiful twists and turns, ended up in the biology department in college. This detour has led me to travel across continents of Europe, North America and Asia. Born with a naturally introverted trait, yet love to strongly connect to people of different ages, races, temperaments and backgrounds, a holiday for me is one where I just sit and vigorously scour the web of the latest about everything whether it’s at home, beachfront or a serene park by myself or with some company.

On some weekends and days when my mind is extra free, that is, when there are no immediate work issues to attend, I wander and retreat to my own world – reading anything of broad coverage such as news, travel, business, investments, entertainment, skincare, beauty, wellness, music, relationships, gadgets, fashion and exercise. Often times, I share these finds with my close circle both at home, at work and online and get delighted when my stories were received with enthusiasm. It is that desire to find and relay these learnings to my close circle that is the core of this blog.

So let me take you with me as I EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE and SHARE. Let me include you in my close circle.