Online shopping in the US and shipping it to the Philippines is a breeze

Whether you are an online shopaholic for latest gadgets, fashion trends, unique beauty products, or a professional who badly wants that book that isn’t available locally, listen up, because the time has come for you to get what you want straight from any US online store delivered right at your doorstep! Yes, you heard it right. I will help you navigate this process that is not that complicated. This is again part of my instinct as a researcher, that need of finding a solution to an issue that’s almost never been addressed before.

This desire to learn the seamless way (without customs delays and huge transport fees) of shipping U.S. online shopping finds to the Philippines began years ago when I couldn’t find a textbook at local Philippine bookstores but is available cheap at Amazon’s. I thought there must be a way that I could get this book. I tested and tried many different shipping methods and the one that I found useful and consistent is ShippingCart.  Since then, I have shopped and shipped books, health products and laboratory supplies from the US to the Philippines affordably so.

Here, I outlined the steps on how to ship your US online purchases to the Philippines in a breeze.

1.  Sign-up for free at www.shippingcart.comThis is the first step. You really need to do this. Use your real, complete name.

Sign-up using email or Facebook account.

2. You will then get a U.S. address (in California).  This is the U.S. delivery address you will use every time you shop at any U.S. online store.  Your U.S. address includes an account number, your unique identifier, in case you share the same name with someone else.

This is how it appears once you have successfully signed-up.

 3. Log-in to your ShippingCart account. You can complete your profile by signing in.


4. Add in your exact Philippine address. This should be done right after sign-up. This is where your goods are to be delivered in the Philippines.

Click on the +Add address and fill in with your exact Philippine address.

5. Start shopping at any U.S. online store. You can shop at Amazon, or Ebay. Limitless shopping opportunities from any U.S. online store await for you.

6. You still need to pay shipping costs from any online store to your U.S. address. Please take note that shipping fees apply from any U.S. online store to your U.S. address. Usually shipping from online store to the California Shipping Cart address takes about 2-10 days. There are some days when the stores offer promotional free shipping during important events and holidays. Since the U.S. delivery address is in California, a state sales tax applies upon checkout at any U.S. online store.

7. Take note of storage fees . Once your purchased items are accepted at your U.S. address, Shipping Cart will notify you through email that it has received your goods. It will take them a few days for processing: unboxing and taking photographs and posting on your Shipping Cart account to make sure you will receive the right items and whether these are in good condition. Shipping Cart will also notify you once the items are ready for shipment. However, these goods can only be stored free for 30 days.  If your package/s exceeded beyond the free cart storage period, a fee of US$0.14 per pound per day will apply. It is advised that once Shipping Cart has notified you through email that your goods are ready for shipment, go to your Shipping Cart account and choose shipment method and pay shipping right away.

8. Shipping rates. You can choose how your goods will be sent to the Philippines either via  air cargo (10 days) or sea cargo (45 days). Shipping rate estimates and computation can be found here.  Shipping Cart offers several secure payment options such as credit card (Visa/MasterCard), PayPal or LBC Over-the-Counter (OTC) payment.

9. Prohibited items.  There are certain items prohibited from entering the Philippines, under the country’s laws and regulations. These are:  flammable and dangerous goods;  animals and plants; guns, ammunition and weapons; raw materials; monetary, bank notes and other valuables; automotive parts and accessories; perishable items, food, medicine and liquid items. Size restrictions also apply. I encourage you to read the details of the restricted items here before shopping online. You may also contact them for questions and they will reply within 24-48 hours.

Need help? Email and live chat available.

10. Your items are delivered to you via LBC courier. Yes, your items are in good hands via the Philippines trusted courier.  Shipping Cart will give an estimated delivery date and will update shipping history from time to time.

I admit that I have also tried other shipping methods but ended up regretful because of the delay in delivery and additional charges once the items were received. I still find Shipping Cart as a convenient and reliable means to ship goods purchased from U.S. online stores to the Philippines.